Starting out!

Well I thought an update was needed. I am currently transferring my long SCRACE line onto a database solely for this project ( I think it may take a while!!) and have decided to reference each individual using a reference to show the country, county/state and place they were born, as well as an individual reference. One such reference is for a direct ancestor of mine John SCRACE who was born in East Barming, Kent in 1794 (his is GBR-KEN00021-21A).  GBR is Great Britain, KEN is Kent, 00021 is East Barming, 21 is for John himself and the A is a reference for me, as this is a direct Ancestor (my great great grandfather, non ancestors will just have a number).
I have also identifying how many SCRACES  births, marriages and deaths were registered. I did this in the first instance by using FreeBMD’s “download” function. Once I downloaded the data I moved it into Excel and tidied it up by separating the data into the following headings so that I can utilise the data sort function to locate the individuals with ease for researching.

  • Year
  • Quarter
  • Surname
  • Forename
  • Mother’s Maiden Name (births after 1911), Spouses Surname (Marriage), Age at Death / Date of Birth
  • Registration District
  • Volume
  • Number

The thing I have to do next (well after transferring my family file that is) is double check each entry against the images of the GRO register to ensure the transcriptions are correct. I will be using Ancestry to do this, but you are able to view images from FreeBMD, I will also check that it includes them all (not a quick task!).

I am going to use the Births extraction to create a “Master Spreadsheet”. Each person will be given an ID number (as mentioned above) and  transferred to my database. I realise that I will have the data duplicated, but there is a method in my madness…..more to be revealed soon. This will be used to track the individual through the different records in the future.

For SCRACE births there are 729 individuals. 

For SCRACE marriages there are 370 individuals. 

For SCRACE deaths there are 390 individuals. 

I’ve decided against extracting the SCRASE entries for the moment as the numbers are larger and I don’t want to spend all my time double-checking GRO details at the moment.

The plan is that after I’ve identified all the individuals from the GRO index I will then look for them in the census after they were born. This will enable me to build up some trees.

Until next time…..


© Karen Anderson 2012


About Karen

Wife and mum of two who is a hobbyist photographer, a lover of books, genealogy and spending my free-time with my kids.
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