Scrace One Name Study on WikiTree

I recently read a ONS blog that mentioned the merits of WikiTree for a One Name Study, so with that in mind I have just set up a Scrace One Name Study page on there.

With the help of other researchers my longer term intention is to create lots of family trees for all Scrace’s that I find throughout the World. With other researchers able to join in and then ultimately have responsibility for their own tree of interest. this I hope will enable this to be more than just a list of names. To that end, I have already started inputting some of the information I have at the moment.

Scrace profiles currently on Wikitree can be found at:, as you can see I have only just started as I decided against uploading my GEDCOM, so it will take me a while! I plan to keep living relatives on my offline database only as well as additional information I have located. I will of course share anything that I do have with researchers who contact me have a link to any individual I have on WikiTree.

Wikitree has been selected because:
1.  It is 100% free with all functionality available to all users
2.  It has very good security capabilities. It has the facility to keep modern family history private and only share it with trusted family members. Inviting them to enjoy what you’ve put together on simple, attractive profile pages. As they browse they can add more names, facts, memories, and photos if they have information that is not on there already.
3.  It is relatively new and at the present there is a very small but growing number of Scrace and Scrase profiles which provides a very clean ‘sheet’ on which to build and progress the Scrace One Name Study.

Until next time…………..

© Karen Anderson 2012


About Karen

Wife and mum of two who is a hobbyist photographer, a lover of books, genealogy and spending my free-time with my kids.
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4 Responses to Scrace One Name Study on WikiTree

  1. Lauren Bavin says:

    What a great service you are doing for all those with that surname .Your blog is very interesting too

  2. Hi Karen. I just saw this post now (pointed out to me by Magda N.). It’s great!
    I assume you saw that you can now follow the Scrace surname?
    I’m hoping this will be a valuable tool for One Name Studies.

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